Scotty Crane and Angela Tesstaronni at the entrance of Hiram's
Shaken, Not Stirred and Hiram's Gun's & Spirits
© 1999 Outpatient Radio
Above Photo © 1976 Niclai Cannetti / Peebles Press Intn'l

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Welcome to Hiram's Guns and Spirits,
where the drinks are strong, the music swings, and the clientele is a who's-who of rummies, bikers, aging hipsters and invertebrates. If you just happen to be in the neighborhood - flee. A geriatric radio legend is running amuck; the bartender is a 260-pound giant of indeterminate sex; and the host was just propositioned by Free Willy's red-headed stunt double.

Hiram's Guns and Spirits provides the backdrop for what is perhaps the most ambitious, and certainly the most bizarre, remote show in the history of radio - Shaken, Not Stirred - a glimpse into the murky and sordid consciousness of two balding, bush-league radio hacks. Buckle your seat belt, pull up a beer, and listen in as Johnny and Scotty serve up a unique menu of disturbingly funny confections, including Sesame Street Vice, Hiram's Own Dating Game, and shockingly candid coverage of prominent sports and entertainment figures - as you've never heard them before.