Scotty Crane, co-host of
Shaken, Not Stirred


Scotty's Band: Anal Fury (click to hear)
Bob Crane (Scotty's DAD brainiac)
Sign: Scorpio
Hobbies: Rush (the band, AND the inhalent)
Idols: Rush, Nazareth, The guy that played Belker on Hill Street Blues
Favorite foods:  Beef Jerky
Deadly Sin: Envy
Status: Top Loader


 scotty today
Scotty Crane, today

 scotty as a child
Scotty as a (disturbed) child

Scotty in private (young)

Euro card Scotty keeps to impress women

scotty, drunk and in drag
Scotty in private (today)

Photo © Troy Grant

Scotty's outrageous promo letter!